Boiler Installations

1st Call are Gas Safe (Corgi Registered) Heating engineers.
We can install all types of domestic boilers; contact us to find out more.

High Efficiency Condensing Boilers: As of April 2005, the government has insisted that all new gas boilers shall be high efficiency models. This is to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. With high and rising energy bills installing these boilers will save you money.

These boilers are called condensing boilers as they recover a lot of otherwise wasted heat by using the hot flue gases to preheat the return primary water in the system.

This heat recovery means that the invisible water vapor in the combustion gases is condensed back into water, which creates a plume of water vapor (like a cloud). Heat efficiency of these boilers is rated at 90-91% efficiency. These boilers reduce gas bills by up to 30%.

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